GoOutThere! Outdoor Challenge

Whether it’s a quick hike in the park, multi-day trekking in the mountains, going outdoors is good for everybody. It brings people together, strengthens communities, and helps to keep us healthy. In 2017, the Commission launched the Tartu Call for a Healthy Lifestyle, as a roadmap to strengthen coordination across different EU policy areas to tackle the societal, health and economic challenges of unhealthy lifestyles, in particular physical inactivity. In line with that, our project main goal is to offer and promote activities that bring people together and create new, inclusive opportunities for getting outdoors.

Mountaineering, hiking, rafting, canyoning – all nature-related sports, are some of the best and most accessible tools to tackle stress, obesity and at the same time provide adventure and unforgettable, integrational experiences.

Involving hiking, multi-day trekking, geocaching and other activities, “GoOutThere! Outdoor Challenge” contributes to the Programme efforts to address health problems, reduce social and economic barriers, and establishing sustainable and responsible mindset, via quizzes and tailored information on these topics, during the organized outdoor experiences. The project is also involving novel digital tools, such as “smart challenge tags”, digital adventure maps, unlockable digital achievement badges, others.


Adventures are suitable for everyone, especially for families. Come and spend some time with us, discovering the uniqueness, beauty and myths related to the great outdoor places where we set our adventures for you! An adventure will usually include a lot of quizzes, tasks to be performed and riddles to be solved – all outdoors. You’ll be provoked to explore your surroundings and find key elements to solve the tasks, also learning new and interesting information on the natural playground.

GoOutThere! Outdoor Adventure - Bulgaria

Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria

Coming in 2023!


GoOutThere!Outdoor Adventure - Greece

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Mount Parnitha, Greece

Coming in 2023!

GoOutThere!Outdoor Adventure - Serbia

Bosilegrad, Serbia

Coming in 2023!

GoOutThere!Outdoor Adventure - Italy

Sicily, Italy

Coming in 2023!


The challenges that we created for you are trials of endurance, patience and curiosity. They are best suited to individuals, but of course everyone is welcome to experience in groups as well. Usually, a challenge would be more physically demanding, so you should be able to handle yourself well enough in the outdoors. You might be taken to a mountain summit, a more technical ridge or other natural phenomenon, so be prepared!

GoOutThere!Outdoor Challenge - Bulgaria

Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria

Coming in 2023!

GoOutThere!Outdoor Challenge - Greece

Mount Parnitha, Greece

Coming in 2023!

GoOutThere!Outdoor Challenge - Serbia

Bosilegrad, Serbia

Coming in 2023!

GoOutThere!Outdoor Challenge - Italy

Sicily, Italy

Coming in 2023!

How it works?

  1. During our events go to the starting point and find the QR code for starting your adventure / challenge
  2. Get the Actionbound app for free in the Apple App Store or at the Google Play Store
  3. Scan the QR code with the Actionbound app
  4. Follow the event instructions and begin!

Get involved and creative – plan your own adventure or challenge

If you managed to participate in some of our events and/or you want to plan and create your own adventure or challenge, we can help! Our platform uses Actionbound as a tool for our events. Of course, you can use any other alternative you like, or which you find more suitable for your experience.

Actionbound helps you create and play your own scavenger hunt, paper chase, or interactive quiz. You can use the Bound Creator to make your Bounds. You’ll find it at You’ll have to register on the website to create Bounds. You’ll need the Actionbound app to play; it’s available free of charge for both iOS and Android. Creating Bounds for private, non-commercial use is free of use.

You can follow these simple steps to create and publish your experience on our platform:

  1. Download our Guidelines for creating a great outdoor adventure / challenge (coming soon, and available in BG, SRB, IT, GR);
  2. Setup your account with Actionbound or any other app. For Actionbound you can get the step-by-step instructions here:;
  3. Prepare your experience and test it;
  4. Submit the experience details filling in our form here (coming soon);
  5. Give us some time and we will review and publish it on our platform under either the Adventures or Challenges page.
  6. Spread the word, disseminate info on your experience and enjoy your time outdoors!

Adventures & challenges

Stay tuned – the most exciting adventures and  challenges are coming soon…

The project

“GoOutThere! Outdoor Challenge” is a project aiming to facilitate and nurture outdoor physical activity for adults, through experiencing the wonders of European mountains.

It revolves around creating adventures and challenges for adult people (18-69) to motivate them to venture in the open nature. A series of events will be organized in 4 European countries – Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia and Greece.

The project has the following specific objectives:

– Promoting healthy lifestyle through grassroots outdoor sports and spending active time in the nature.

– Increasing the physical activity levels of the target groups in the partnering countries, via motivation and promotion of outdoor life.

– Promote equal, inclusive, and diverse opportunities for access to outdoor adventures to all audiences.

Project number: 101050672

Project name: GoOutThere! Outdoor Challenge

Project acronym: GOT OUTDOOR



Type of action: ERASMUS Lump Sum Grants

Granting authority: European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Project starting date: 01.07.2022

Project end date: 30.06.2023

Project duration: 12 months

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or EACEA. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.



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Combining adventure and challenge, introducing them to people in a new way, involving pieces of new interesting knowledge, local stories and rewards, will add to the reasons for being outdoors, spend some time with the family exploring nature or set higher fit-improving goals.